Fuck the Mainstream.

So Tabletop RPGs are mainstream now? Some dude on television rolled a nat 20, the crowd didn’t really understand what was going on, and I’m supposed to applaud?

Those stupid ass shirts really cost $35?

Are these clowns fucking clapping along?


main·stream | \ ˈmān-ˌstrēm \
Definition: a prevailing current or direction of activity or influence
Synonyms: Average, Common, Current, Normal, Regular, Ordinary, Conventional,

When I wake up in the mornings I never tell myself, “I want today to be typical.”

I have never pulled my chair up to a table and exclaimed, “Alright everyone this session is going to be the most nauseatingly average one yet!”

I have never set out to be normal, regular, or conventional in anything.

People seem to think that a popular show having five minutes of actual D&D and a few random references equates to some big win. They also seem to think that some dude getting rich by selling $3 shirts for 7x that means they are now somehow better off.

It’s time to bring back the Satanic Panic.

Don’t take this the wrong way. More power to Joe. He’s duped a whole swarm of people into fist fucking his wallet full of their hard earned cash. I can respect that. And if people dig his wares then go all out. Rep whatever you like. I couldn’t give a fuck less. Just don’t flap your arms in excitement that your little corner of the world almost got some airtime. That’s what clowns do.

Does anyone truly think a single thing has changed?

Behold the glory of your savior

When the bandwagon decides to take off towards the next thing we’ll still be here doing what we have been. The True will stick around while the rest move on before they play through a single campaign. Don’t think for a fucking second that we need a couple of dorks on TV to pat us on the back with cool points and Tolkien lore. It does nothing for us. Don’t pretend that you have gained anything.

By all means, clap along, but you’re taken about as seriously as the average Nickelback fan. You’re taken about as seriously as Joe when he throws up the horns like a first class poser.

You want to be mainstream? Listen to top 40 radio. Watch football. Eat fast food. Jump around like an idiot every time some puppet on television tells you to move.

What we do will never be mainstream.

Fuck ordinary. I don’t want to be ordinary.


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